Muzikale omlijsting van de laatste Herendag  2011 Golfwedstrijd bij Golfclub Roxenisse, Pierre's "home " club.

Franse Chansons tijdens de opening van Rotonde

 " Klein Parijs " te Dirksland

Pierre’s Music WebSite


Thanks to everyone for showing  interest in visiting my site.

Why did I create it ? you may ask yourself.
Well so did I !!!!

Mostly because I love to play music , I
love to try and create music and because I need an audience who listens to my creations.

What’s an artist without audience !

If you just want to listen to the little
songs I created , by all means do so !

You only have to go to  the “ Discografie “ page where you will find them.

In case you are interested in my musical activities since I started , please go to the page ‘ The Story of my Musical Life

Should you have the same love/hate relation with technical music gadgets and digital recording as I have , I sincerely advise you to visit the page “ My Equipment and Recording Gear “

For those interested in the way I create these little songs of mine , I gladly refer to the page  “ The Way I proceed from Start To Finish

But whatever you do and whatever pages you visit on my site , I sincerely do hope that you have as much pleasure in reading as I did have and still have in creating it all.


It goes without saying that I could not have created this site the way it is all by myself. Therefore I would not have failed to gracefully thank everyone who helped me create this website for all their assistance and patience.